With over 18 years of experience in providing automated solutions for legal document preparation in both Word and Word Perfect, we have the professional expertise your firm requires.

Here are some highlights of our projects:

Multiple Offices, One Software Solution
We have a number of clients that have multiple offices and multiple servers in different parts of California and within other states.  They look for software that will be the same in each and every office to reduce their support costs.  Perfectly Easy uses one template for a pleading, regardless of the number of offices.  We also use only one template each for letters, faxes, memos, envelopes, shipping labels and the Proof of Service.

Real Estate Contracts
One of our clients provides legal expertise for the purchase of apartments and other real estate by consortiums.  In order to conclude the transaction successfully, it involves as many as nine different documents.  These documents have over 60 different variables that need to be included in the 9 documents.  Attorneys preparing the documents spent hours and hours searching and replacing the 64 variables across nine different documents.  After automating the process, an attorney now fills in a single table that has all 64 variables.
With the click of a button, the nine documents are created, perfectly every time, in under 90 seconds.

Bates Labels
Our Bates macro creates labels on standard labels - 80 on page.  The labels can be numbered horizontally or vertically on the page.
Affirmative Defense Statements
For consistency and ease of use, one of our clients wanted an easy way to insert their Affirmative Defense statements in to their pleadings.  They now have a menu that automatically inserts the phrases, along with the automatically numbered "First / Second / Third Affirmative Defense" titles. All 43 of their affirmative defense statements are now at the fingertips of each attorney.
If you have ever said, "There must be an easier way...", give us a call.  We know the easier way.