Perfectly Easy is

  • Easy to use
  • Easy to deploy
  • Easy to update
  • Cost effective
  • Just what you need
Perfectly Easy
for Word or Word Perfect

Perfectly Easy, designed by it's users and created by Richard Cheney Software allows law firms to quickly and easily create Pleadings, Letters, Faxes, Memos, Labels, Envelopes and legal forms such as Proofs of Service, Declarations and Verification statements.

Created in 1997 for a law firm in San Diego, we have been installing and maintaining Perfectly Easy for Word Perfect versions 7 through X7 and Microsoft Word versions 2000 through 2013 for the last 18 years.

Perfectly Easy for both Word and Word Perfect uses only the programming languages built in to both products.  There are no third party DLL's or programs used.  The customer has complete access to the code.

We also make extensive use of the built-in automated text features.  This allows the customer to make many changes and updates to the software without the need to open their checkbook every time they need to make a change.

Based on extensive user input from Perfectly Easy users, who want to be able to produce documents as quickly as possible, every operation in Perfectly Easy can be performed using the keyboard.  Of course, you can use the mouse if you prefer.

After less than fifteen minutes of training, brand new Perfectly Easy users can start creating new letters, pleadings. faxes and memos.  More extensive training will be needed to take full advantage of all of Perfectly Easy's features, but your users can be productive within minutes.
    We automate

  • Letters and Fax Cover Pages
  • Pleadings and Proofs of Service
  • Labels and Envelopes
  • Memos and Numbered Lists
  • Your Intake Process
  • Anything else you produce
If you have ever said, "There must be an easier way...", give us a call.  We know the easier way.